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Well Wagon

Crop Wagon

Special Flat Wagon

Braithwaite manufactures a variety of Flat Wagons for different applications. These wagons are used for moving Containers, Steel Plant finished goods, and large transformers for thermal power stations amongst other uses.

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Well Wagon for Thermal Power Stations Crop Wagon for Steel Plants Special Flat Wagon
Track Gauge 1676 mm 1676 mm 1676 mm
Total Weight 366.4 M.T. 80 M.T. 120 M.T
Tare Weight 146.4 M.T. 25 M.T. 30 M.T.
Load Capacity 220.0 M.T. 55 M.T. 90 M.T.
Overall Length 37810 mm 8330 mm 11930 mm
Width of Carbody 3740 mm 2660 mm 2800 mm
Height of Carbody - 2193 mm 1490 mm
Coupler Type Screw Coupling Screw Coupling A.A.R Type (CBC Coupler (N.T.)
Bogie Type Cast Steel Diamond Frame U.I.C
Brake System Hand Brake only Hand Brake only Hand Brake only
Max.Speed 40 Km/h 25 Km/h 25 Km/h

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