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These Wagons are also known as Rapid Discharge Coal Hopper Wagons. The type used by Railways is BOBRN type having 8 underside doors and the one used by Thermal Power Stations has 12 underside doors.

These Wagons can carry 60 tonnes graded coal and can ply in merry-go-round system. The loading is done from the top and unloading is done automatically from the bottom through Pneumatic Door Operating Mechanism activated by Rail Side Devices mounted on the track. The electro-pneumatic system is actuated from 24 to 32 Volt DC operated Line Side Equipment at the desired place. The Door Operating Mechanism has been successfully developed and are in wide use. The wagons have the same features as other 8 wheeler bogie type wagons used for carrying bulk load.

Open Coal Hopper Wagon (BOBR) Open Ballast Hopper Wagon (BOBS)
Track Gauge 1676 mm 1676 mm
Total Weight 81.28 M.T. 91.6 M.T.
Tare Weight 27.45 M.T. 30.4 M.T.
Load Capacity 58.38 M.T. 61.2 M.T.
Volume Capacity 57.20 cu.m 34 cu.m
Overall Length 11600 mm 11597 mm
Width of Carbody 3500 mm 3020 mm
Height of Carbody 3735 mm 3304 mm
Coupler Type A.A.R 'E" Type (High Tensile) with high capacity Draft-gear A.A.R 'E" Type (High Tensile) with high capacity Draft-gear
Bogie Type Casnub 22 NLB Cast Steel Casnub 22 NLB Cast Steel
Brake System Air & Hand Brake Air & Hand Brake
Max. Speed 100 Km/h 100 Km/h

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