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The Horizontal Cylindrical insulated Rail Milk tanker of 40,000 ltrs. capacity is suitable for long distance transportation of chilled milk at 4o Celcious by railways on broad gauge line. The inside barrel is made of stainless steel and allows carrying of dairy milk without any contamination. The outside barrel is jacketted on the insulation work and cage structure over the inner barrel, thereby making the tanker safe for carrying chilled milk at high speed. The Rail Milk Tank wagons are fitted with suitable bogie to run on high speed attached to Mail/Express trains. The wagons are fitted with vacuum brake and side buffers and a screw coupling system.

Description Specification
Track Gauge 1676 mm
Total Weight 74.9 MT
Tare Weight 33.7 MT
Load Capacity 41.2 MT
Volume Capacity 40 cu.m.
Overall Length 14070 mm
Width of Car Body 2916 mm
Height of Car Body 3961 mm
Coupler Type Transition Type with buffer Milk Tank Van Bogie
Bogie Type Casnub 22 NLB Cast Steel
Brake System AIR & HAND
Max. Speed 100 km/hr

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