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Sustainable Development
Performance Report

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Sustainable Development Performance Report Year 2012-2013

Energy Management & Promotion of Renewable Energy :

To implement measures to optimize usage of energy and increase energy efficiency throughout the organization, in the form of both fuel & electricity, according to guidelines of Bureau of Energy efficiency, several projects have been chosen on the basis of recommendations given in the last energy audit. The recommendations were classified into two categories :

Short term recommendations (to be completed within 2 years) &
Long term recommendations ( to be completed within 5 years).

Under short term recommendations following projects were taken up : -

  • Installation of Power Factor Control Panels to improve power factor in all the units. Accordingly, PF Control Panels have been installed in Clive Works, Victoria Works & Angus Works.

  • All compressors of Clive Works & Victoria Works have been overhauled to improve operational efficiency. Cleaning of Compressors are regularly done to ensure Compressors to be free from moisture content & grease.

  • Identification of leakages in the pneumatic lines & rectification of the same on a regular basis.

  • Balancing the lighting distribution circuits & reduction of unnecessary losses.

  • To improve the insulation level of 5T Arc Furnace in Angus Works by relining with magnesite bricks to reduce losses.

All the above jobs have been successfully taken up and completed which contributed to improvement in energy efficiency.

Under Long term recommendations following projects were identified :
  • Replacement of higher wattage halogen lamps by low energy high efficiency lamps to reduce energy consumption.

  • Replacement of low efficiency High-bay Luminaries to reduce energy.

  • Improvement of furnace efficiency of 20T Heat Treatment Furnace in Angus Works.

Proper budget has been allocated against these Projects. Projects have already been started in a phased manner.

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