Braithwaite & Co Ltd will be implementing e-Procurement for Purchases in MSTC e-Procurement Portal  https://www.mstcecommerce.com/eproc  from 1st week of July 2022. All the Vendors are requested to get themselves registered in the above Portal.   Braithwaite & Co. Limited welcomes and solicits active participation from Women and SC / ST MSE Units in the tenders of the Company.   ALL VENDORS ARE REQUESTED TO GET REGISTERED IN GEM PORTAL FOR DIFFERENT PRODUCTION SERVICES TO BE EXECUTED IN BCL.   Concerned Business Associates are requested to settle down their unclaimed EMD against finished / closed tenders with submission of proper documents. This scope will be open till 30th June'2021 and after that no such request will be entertained.

Description Specification
Track Gauge 1676.00 mm
Total Weight (Gross Load) 75.70 M.T.
Tare Weight 29.70 M.T.
Load Capacity 46.00 M.T.
Volume Capacity 44660 Ltr
Insulation PUF of density 45 Kg / m3 with thermal conductivity of 0.021W/mK – retains 20C for 24 Hrs while outside Temp. 370C
Length Over Buffer 12588.00 mm
Overall Width (Over ladder) 3006.00 mm (Overall)
Overall Height from R.L. 4247.00 mm
Coupler Type High Tensile Tight lock Transition Coupler
Bogie Type ICF type coil suspension two axle fabricated bogie
Brake System Bogie Mounted Brake Cylinder - Twin Pipe Graduated Release Air Brake System
To Transport Milk
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